Saturday, 10 December 2011

18th Century Tabriz size: 296x260 cm,  top half is missing.
I purchased this beautiful fragment of an antique Tabriz rug in Tehran(early 18th century Qajar dynasty Persian carpet ) half of it is damaged beyond repairs and other half as it is obvious in this photo is OK condition. We did cut of the damaged half, washed the carpet and did minor restorations to bring the rug back in to Exhibition condition.
I have also copied its map and I will try to duplicate it and make a revival of it in Afghanistan using Turkaman weavers who are experienced in this kind of weaves.. We are planning to make it in symmetrical knots and in similar colours. I am very excited to own such a magnificent piece and I will try to sell this piece to a museum. Size: 276x260 cm ( Original size was 450 x260 cm).